WEDNESDAY, February 1, 2017 | Galvanize | 6:15pm

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Gordon Daugherty
Shockwave Innovations

Christopher Calicott
Trammell Ventures

Kirk Cesari
IP Attorney, Cesari & Reed

Harold Ingersoll
CPA, Atchley & Associates

Jill Murphy
Supervisory Special Agent, FBI

Jake Phillips

Chris Valentine
SXSW Interactive


119 Nueces St.
Downtown Austin

5:45pm Doors and Cash Bar
6:15pm Presentation, Q&A
7:30pm Reception

Got a great technology idea that you want to turn into an innovation? Interested in creating a tech startup but not sure what that entails? Have questions about development, IP, funding, marketing, finances, etc? How do you start with a great idea and build a great tech company?

It is easy to get excited about the possibility of starting a successful tech company—especially in Austin—and to dream about possibilities of becoming a household name or being acquired by the Googles or Apples of the tech world. However, turning a great tech idea into a viable tech company with impact and success requires more than an idea and hard work. It also requires a comprehensive business plan, sufficient funding, an effective development team, great marketing and sales staff, intellectual property protection, effective management, careful accounting, and of course, customers. So, while most tech company founders’ success stories start with an idea, a community need, or a pivot from another venture, these success stories depend on much more than that initial idea/need.

Join us for a special Austin Forum event to learn it takes to build on a great tech idea and launch a great tech company. We will have experienced speakers and panelists from incubators, venture capital funding firms, IP firms, accounting firms, and more, all sharing their expertise and lessons learned, and answering your questions.


Gordon Daugherty Austin Forum

Gordon Daugherty

Christopher Calicott

Christopher Calicott

Kirk Cesari Austin Forum

Kirk Cesari

Harold Ingersoll Austin Forum

Harold Ingersoll

Jill Murphy

Jill Murphy

Jake Phillips Austin Forum

Jake Phillips

Chris Valentine Austin Forum

Chris Valentine

Gordon Daugherty of Shockwave Innovations has seen nearly 1,000 startup pitches, advised more than 200 entrepreneurs and been involved with raising over $45M in growth and venture capital over the past 15 years. Throughout his 28 year career in high tech, Gordon has two IPO’s and a $200M acquisition exit under his belt. Now, through his advisory practice called Shockwave Innovations and as Managing Director for Austin’s Capital Factory startup accelerator, Gordon’s focus is purely on educating, advising and investing in tech startups.
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Christopher Calicott of Trammell Venture Partners is the managing director focused on investing in highly technical seed- and early-stage startups in three core technology domains: Machine Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, and Cybersecurity. Based in Austin, he views the region as a growing global player with some competitive advantages and wants to actively support the development and positioning of our startup ecosystem globally. Christopher is keen to build meaningful relationships, to foster collaboration, and is happy to coach high-potential tech companies and co-founders. He’s also crazy about wine, food, and heritage products. Christopher received his international MBA from IE Business School in Madrid following an undergraduate program in the French language, linguistics, and business at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
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Kirk Cesari of Cesari & Reed, LP is an attorney and partner admitted to practice in Texas, Minnesota, and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Kirk has a background in electrical engineering.
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Harold Ingersoll is a partner at Atchley & Associates, LLP with more than 30 years of leadership experience in consulting, public accounting and the U.S. Air Force. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from Texas State University.
Prior to becoming a partner at Atchley & Associates, LLP in 2005, Harold managed his own accounting practice and later merging with Faske Lay & Co., LLP as a partner. Harold is retired from the Air Force and the Air Force Reserves.
Harold centralizes his practice in mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, litigation support, expert witness consulting and forensic accounting. He has extensive expertise in these practice areas in addition to succession planning, taxation, attestation, and general business consulting. As the managing partner of the consulting services group, he has the ability to evaluate and explain complex business transactions as well as see them through to success.
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Jill Murphy is an FBI Supervisory Special Agent in the Austin area with over 20 years of investigative experience and public service. During her FBI career, Jill has worked National Security matters in the FBI San Francisco office, deployed to places like Iraq, Indonesia, Algeria and Yemen and served FBI Headquarters on detail to the National Security Council at the White House. Prior to joining the FBI, Jill was a police officer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jake Phillips is the Membership Manager at Galvanize and has been with the company since before opening its Austin campus in March 2016. Prior to working with Galvanize, he pursued interests with technology startups around the city. He is passionate about personal development as well as helping founders and their businesses become the best versions of themselves. In the future he hopes to continue helping Galvanize become a recognized focal point in the tech industry and to cultivate a vibrant startup community in Austin.
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Chris Valentine is a key member of the SXSW Interactive team with more than 25 years of event producing experience for startup pitch and technology-related events.  In his role he serves as the Event Manager for the SXSW Interactive conference program called SXSW Accelerator, a cutting-edge startup competition where companies from around the world compete and showcase leading technology innovations. For example, since 2009 SXSW Accelerator has showcased more than 353 startups and we are proud to report that 71% of those startups went on to secure a combined $3.1 billion in funding and 14% of those startups have since been acquired by the likes of Facebook, Google, British Telecom, Huffington Post, Apple, and Live Nation.  
Chris has produced numerous events and programs for clients including NASA, Kauffman Foundation, AARP, Turner Entertainment, Business Investment Growth, Student Startup Media, Healthways, Busby Foundation and Engage Digital Media.
Furthermore, Chris is also the creator of the Global Startup Network weekly newsletter, which provides information and data on the best up and coming companies in the world, sourced from 200+ international news sources. Currently the newsletter is distributed to 17,000+ subscribers. Chris is a graduate of Concordia College and holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication and Behavioral Science.
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