From Wearables to Cyborgs: The Present and Future Uses & Impacts of ‘Personal Tech’

Rich MacKinnon

Jon Werner

Jerry Wilmink

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Stateside Theater, 719 Congress Ave.
Downtown Austin
5:15 p.m. – Doors and Bar Open
6:00 p.m. – Presentation, Q&A
7:00 p.m. – Reception
Free and open to the public

Digital technologies are getting more powerful, smaller, and cheaper, enabling new products that change our lives. Smartphones achieved this over the past decade; will even more personal technologies change our lives in even more significant ways? ‘Wearables’ have emerged as devices for health, communications, e-commerce, and more, and integrated devices have helped save lives. Both fields are in their relative infancy—what is next? How will wearables and integrated devices provide us with new capabilities that transform our lives? Come listen to three experts on wearable tech and integrated tech discuss the present and future of ‘personal tech.’

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Rich MacKinnon is the founder and executive director of the Borgfest Cyborg Festival and Human Augmentation Expo. Borgfest was created to celebrate and support those with prosthetics, orthotics, implants, transplants, augmentations, performance enhancements, body mod, quantified selves, and wearable tech. He is building a community of people who are comfortable living with alternative anatomy and redefining what it means to be “normal” and “human”.
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Jon Werner explores high tech and mobile industries to identify opportunities for disruption. He connects with outside industry to develop new technologies and partnerships that bring benefits to the adidas brand. Jon started a mobile fitness company in 2002 that was acquired by adidas in 2009 that became the foundation for miCoach mobile. He holds over 30 US and International patents and is a pioneer in NFC for consumer product engagement and wireless location based services.
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Jerry Wilmink, Ph.D. MBA is the Founder and CEO of WiseWear®, a Texas-based digital health company that develops next generation wearable technology products for health, wellness and medical applications. Fueled by inspiration, workouts, and daily shots of espresso, Jerry founded WiseWear Corporation with the goal of developing wearable technologies that empower people to live happy, healthy & productive lives.
Jerry has experience as a biomedical engineer, inventor, start-up business consultant for Venture Capital firms, and a program manager for the Department of Defense’s $3 Billion Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Dr. Wilmink earned a BS, MS, and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, and an MBA from McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin. Jerry served as a research associate with the National Academy of Sciences, and during this tenure he founded the first Terahertz sensing and bioeffects research lab in the Department of Defense. He has penned several patents, published 55 manuscripts, and has delivered over 100+ invited, keynote, or plenary presentations at conferences including CES, TEDMED, SXSW, and SPIE.
In 2015, Jerry was selected for San Antonio’s 40 Under 40 award and was invited for membership to the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), named by Forbes as America’s most elite entrepreneur organization. Jerry is a Founding Member of a VISTAGE Key group, serves as an advisor for several startup companies, and as a mentor for 3 Day Startup and TechStars, the #1 startup accelerator in the world. Jerry is a Fellow and serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Jerry also is an advisor and panel review member for our country’s National Academy of Sciences NRC, NSFGRFP, SMART, and NDSEG Programs.
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